Law Office of Daniel Westerburg

Quail Creek, Arizona

                                            2017 Fee Schedule

Simple will (single person)                                                                         $350               

Reciprocal simple wills (couple)                                                                 $600

Simple living trust and pour-over will (single person)                            $700

Simple marital trust and pour over wills (couple)                                    $900

Simple codicil to will                                                                                   $200

Simple trust amendment                                                                            $200

Amended and restated trust                                                                       $450

Durable general power of attorney                                                             $  75

Advance health care directive                                                                     $  75

     (medical and mental health POA; living will; and

      organ donation instruction)

Residential lease                                                                                           $200

Deed (including recording fee)                                                                    $125 (AZ)

                                                                                                                       $150 (Out of State)


LLC or corporation formation                                                                      $650 (AZ)                                                          

     (articles & filing fee; bylaws or operating agreement;                          $800 (AK)

     record book, certificates & seal; publication costs;

     and organizational meeting & minutes)

Consultation                                                                                                  $150 per hour 

Mediation                                                                                                      $100 per hour ($200 minimum)

Notary                                                                                                            NC for QC residents